SOLOLIFT2, consisting of unique compact type waste water transfer stations, performs the drainage of all kinds of hygiene systems in your homes without being dependent on the gravity drainage system. The units collect the wastewater and transfer it through a thin pressure pipe (>23 mm) to the next pipe located 6 m high or 100 m away.
You can rely on the SOLOLIFT2 solution for the toilet or complete bathroom you plan to add to the roof or basement of your house.
There are 5 compact wastewater lifting stations in this series developed for the discharge of domestic wastewater.

The 3 units, named WC-1, WC-3 and CWC-3, are designed to transfer wastewater from toilets and other hygiene equipment.
The other 2 units, called C-2 and D-2, discharge gray wastewater from various equipment.
The numbers in the product names indicate the number of input connections that can be added.
SOLOLIFT2 addresses the needs of professionals as it is designed with high reliability and easy and clean service criteria in mind.
The units come ready to use with their plugs and switch to full automatic operation when water enters the tank.

Features & Benefits

  • They are ready-to-install solutions.
  • They offer reliable operation thanks to high performance grinder and motor.
  • A sanitary pad etc. accidentally dropped into the toilet. objects are no problem for this series.
  • The service process is fast, easy and clean; the unit does not need to be removed from the installation.
  • The service parts are all in a dry and clean condition; The tank is not submerged.
  • Units with level switches are easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Pressure resistant and welded tank system resists leakage in case of water bubbles.
  • They do not cause odor thanks to carbon filter vent valve.
  • The maintenance-free tank is designed to reduce the risk of clogging.
  • They can withstand hot water up to 90 °C for 30 minutes.
  • They have an extremely compact design.
  • They can be used with modern, flat shower trays thanks to their low start-up levels.
  • The outlet direction can be selected from top or to the side.
  • Height-adjustable inlet connectors make installation and part replacement easy.
  • Maximum 4 inlet pipes and 6 pressure pipe connections can be selected.
  • All units are LGA, VDE, EMC and GOST approved.


These stations are the ideal solution when a hygiene equipment needs to be drained but there is no gravity drain pipe or it is not possible to install it. Units with WC connection can only be used in domestic applications. Other units are also suitable for commercial applications.
The WC-1, WC-3 and CWC-3 models can transfer wastewater from 1 toilet, 1 sink, 1 shower and 1 bidet in total.
The CWC-3 is the extra slim model designed to be integrated into the front wall installation.
Models C-3 and D-2 are designed to transfer (hot) wastewater from applications such as baths, showers, bathtubs, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers.
Thanks to their compact dimensions, the products can be integrated into the front wall installation and floor units.

Other products
MULTILIFT wastewater lifting stations, suitable for buildings of different sizes, are complete systems designed to transfer wastewater below the sewer level and allow wastewater to reach the sewer system easily.
Grundfos LIFTAWAY is a compact wastewater lifting station designed for gray wastewater applications.