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consultancyand Supervision
01. Service
consultancyand Supervision


We ensure the dissemination of knowledge and experience by sharing our knowledge and experience that we have continuously developed in Pump and Fire Extinguishing Systems for every project we operate.

Using our years of experience in Pump and Fire Extinguishing Systems, instead of conventional standard solutions in our projects We offer different solutions that provide maximum efficiency.

Sales<br>and Installation
02. Service
and Installation

As a supplier company in Pumps and Fire Extinguishing Systems, we offer the best brands in our industry to our customers to be used in your projects, in line with our belief that the concept of supplier should definitely include engineering-based service.

Our company meets the needs of end users and/or implementing companies with competitive price, strong stock, fast return, fast supply and shipment understanding. We adopt the philosophy of excellence in service, not only during sales but also in after-sales services regarding the products sold. We serve our customers by going out.

03. Service

We meticulously carry out mechanical and electrical application works in our projects with our expert engineering and field teams in Pump and Fire Extinguishing Systems. In accordance with international standards, by combining the mechanical installation projects, contracting, consultancy and service services of industrial facilities, shopping malls, civil, official, commercial facilities, hotels, banks, educational institutions and concept works with sustainable energy and eco construction strategies and techniques. We provide services.

In the strategic project planning process, we determine planning and design principles with employers, investors, the public or designers depending on national and international sustainability criteria, and we determine targets. We carry out our projects in line with the determined targets. While we are carrying out our projects, we offer the industry's leading products with the highest quality and all relevant certificates to our customers.

Technical service
04. Service
Technical service

Our service team, based on a 24/7 working principle, provides immediate on-site intervention if needed. In addition, we ensure that our systems operate safely for many years in accordance with the maintenance agreements. we're getting ahead of it.