CM, CME Pumps

As a horizontal multistage pump, the CM stands out with its compact and modular design. Thanks to these two features, many different configurations can be applied on the pump. CM is made up of a set of interchangeable modules that work seamlessly together regardless of the application in question. The pumps have a rigid coupling.

There is a difference between the CM and CME pump series due to the motor. CM pumps are fitted with mains-operated motors; Frequency converter is integrated into the motors of CME pumps. Both series have mechanical seals.

Technical Information

Flow Q : Max. 36 m3/hour
Pressure High. H. : Max. 140 m
Material: 304 and 316 stainless steel
Temperature : -30°C to +120°C

Features & Benefits

  •  Compact design
  • Modular construction/tailor-made solutions
  • High reliability
  • Easy service
  • Wide performance range
  • Low noise level
  • High performance hydraulic design
  • Electro-coated cast iron parts
  • E-solutions
  • High efficiency
  • Water treatment
  • Pressification
  • Domestic needs
  • Washing and cleaning applications