SE and SL Pump


SE and SL Pump

SuperVortex impeller pumps for applications that contain more than 5% dry matter, require free passage of spherical materials with a maximum size of 100 mm and have short working hours; S-tube impeller pumps are used for applications that contain up to 3% dry matter, require free passage of spherical materials with a maximum size of 160 mm, and have long operating hours.

The S-tube impeller is a unique impeller designed to work with wastewater with different dry matter content. Its simple and powerful design offers world-class hydraulic efficiency without sacrificing free passage. Manufactured for years of trouble-free operation, the SE and SL series can be operated submerged or dry installed without the need for engine cooling. In addition, they are extremely reliable and easy-to-maintain pumps.

Features & Benefits

  • IE3 motor efficiency that significantly reduces energy consumption and costs
  • Providing reliable operation with low energy consumption and adaptable smart controllers
  • Integrated analog sensors that provide complete monitoring of the pump status
  • Carrying handle designed to ensure stable and accurate transport of the pump
  • Smooth and easy-to-clean surface
  • Single cable connection that simplifies pump installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Moisture-proof connection piece that prevents liquid from entering the motor
  • Patented SmartSeal auto-coupling seal that eliminates the risk of leakage in the connection
  • Easy to open clamp for quick and easy removal of the pump from the motor unit
  • Double mechanical seal to reduce downtime and increase working time
  • Short rotor shaft to reduce vibrations and protect the shaft seal and bearings
  • Closed cooling system for dry installations
  • SuperVortex or S-tube impeller option
  • Replaceable wear ring to restore pump to full efficiency capacity.

Grundfos SE and SL series pumps are designed to transfer sewage, process water and unfiltered wastewater in urban and industrial applications. The automatic coupling can be permanently installed using a guide rail system or fixed pipe connection, as well as suitable for unsupported installation or use as a portable pump.

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