S Pump

S Pumps

S pumps are the most important part of many sewage systems. In addition to its strength and durability, it is also preferred because of its innovative features such as the impeller clearance adjustment system SmartTrim and the leakage prevention function Smart Seal.
The SmartTrim system on S pumps allows the factory-set impeller clearance to be readjusted to your needs, thus maintaining maximum pump efficiency.
A leak-proof connection is achieved between the pump and the base unit of the auto-coupling system using the Grundfos SmartSeal auto-coupling seal. The packing can rotate in both directions. If pumps are installed with a separate piping system, sludge build-up can be prevented by backwashing at regular intervals.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide product line
  • SmartTrim function
  • Work with or without cooling jacket
  • Dry or (liquid) immersed installation
  • Channel and vortex type impellers
  • Integrated motor protection system
  • SmartSeal function
  • Free passage for large solids
  • SuperVortex impeller.

Pumps are ideal for the following applications:

  • Transfer of untreated raw wastewater
  • Transfer of untreated water
  • Pumping of water containing sludge
  • Pumping of sewage from industries.
Other products
SE and SL Pump
SE and SL Pump
The SE and SL series of wastewater pumps are the solutions offering the highest overall efficiency on the market.