HYDRO Test Fire Water Boosters

HYDRO Test Fire Water Boosters

“It is a fire group consisting of vertical-stage pumps.”

Technical Information

Flow rate: max 50 m3/h
Pressure High. :  max 110 m
Liquid Temperature : Between 0°C and +120°C
System Pressure : PN16 bar


  •  Standard automatic test and solenoid valve function
  • Jockey pump in case of low demand and leakage
  • Failure standard audible and visual alarm in case of fire
  • Both fire and domestic water hydrofur
  • Pneumatic pressure system equipped with sensitive pressure switches
  • Original Grundfos check valve, spherical or butterfly valve, galvanized steel collector.
  • Ball or butterfly valve in the discharge line, galvanized collector according to the connection diameter.
  • Low voltage Solenoid valve used during automatic testing.
Other products
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Hydro Fire
It is produced with electric or diesel engine as UL/FM approved or VDS approved in accordance with NFPA 20.”