Hydro Fire

Hydro Fire

It is produced with electric or diesel engine as UL/FM approved or VDS approved in accordance with NFPA 20.”

Technical Information

Flow rate :    max 3500 gpm
Pressure High. :    max 400psi
Liquid Temperature :  0°C to +120 °C
Material : GG-25 Cast Iron

Main Pump Features

  • They are end-suction pumps with horizontal shaft.
  • Diesel or electric motor driven.
  • Pump body is GG-25 Cast Iron.
  • Pump impeller is Bronze.
  • Pump shaft is Stainless Steel.
  • Sealing soft seal
  • Bearings It is made with bearings.

Control Panels

  • Electric Panel
  • Locked type, Protection class IP55
  • Can be operated both manually and automatically.
  • Optional automatic test system is added.
  • There is thermal protection on the panel of main pumps and jockey pump.
  • Lack of phase and supply, dry contact information can be obtained from the panel.


Diesel Board

  • Emergency buttons are available.
  • There is a two-line liquid crystal display.
  • The dashboard diesel engine has the feature of cranking six times at adjustable intervals from both batteries.
  • General alarm, belt pulley failure, low oil level, high temperature alarm, A and B battery charging and filling failure information can be obtained from the panel.
  • Low fuel, pump is running, pump is ready, mains energy % is displayed on the screen.
  • Components



  • There is a PN10 rising stem valve and an eccentric reducer on the suction line, and a 0-6 vacuum meter on the suction flange.
  • In the discharge line, there is a butterfly valve with PN16 standard gear box and hand control flywheel.
  • For the diesel engine driven pump, dual pressure switches that back up each other are used.
  • Check valve in the discharge line of each pump
  • All equipment is sized in accordance with NFPA20.
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