KWM Mixed Flow Pump

KWM Mixed Flow Pump

The KWM mixed flow pump is designed to provide high flow at medium head.
700 m3/min at a head up to 50 meters. The Grundfos KWM mixed-flow pump is ideal for flood control and other applications where large volumes of water are required.

Features & Benefits

Reliability meets excellent value
High-quality materials
Durable, reliable and low-cost operation Value with
maximum value for money. Easy service
The pump has a long life and runs smoothly thanks to its plain design.
All pumps are individually tested and results are recorded; In this way, the needed spare parts can be reached without any problems even after years.

Designed for the transfer of large volumes of untreated water, these pumps can be used in a multitude of applications. The main of these applications are:

  • Flood and storm water control
  • Large volumes of drainage and irrigation
  • Removal of untreated water
  • water parks etc. circulation of large volumes of water in places
  • Water level control on beaches and near sea level
  • Filling and emptying of dry docks and port installations
  • Filling or emptying the reservoirs
  • Treated wastewater
  • Reception of cooling water in power plants
  • Process and discharge water
  • Applications like medium head/high flow.
Other products
The PL axial flow pump is designed to provide high flow at low head.
Grundfos recirculation pump series are solutions produced with years of engineering experience. Designed for low head and high flow rates, SRP pumps can be easily used in wastewater treatment plants and flood control.