Grundfos Comfort

Grundfos Comfort

Grundfos COMFORT pumps are designed specifically for domestic hot water systems in single-family homes or two-family buildings. There are spherical motors in the pumps. Unlike conventional glandless rotor motors, the spherical motor does not have a slewing bearing shaft. The stator transfers the magnetic field in the rotor to the water moving parts of the pump. This pump can only be used in pressurized hot water systems. The water moving part of the pump is hermetically separated from the stator by a spherical separator made of stainless steel.

Features & Benefits

  • AUTOADAPT system (AUTOADAPT version only) ) minimum energy consumption and maximum comfort
  • High quality bearing material
  • Motor that can be separated from the pump body, easy to maintain and replace
  • Stainless steel, EPDM, PPO, PTFE and corrosion resistant impeller made of graphite
  • Approved materials for use with potable water, such as brass pump housing.

Grundfos COMFORT pumps are designed specifically for the recirculation of domestic hot water in single-family dwellings or two-family buildings.