Vertical Multistage Jocey Pumps (GCR Series)
Vertical Multistage Jocey Pumps (GCR Series)

Vertical Multistage Jocey Pumps (GCR Series)

Jockey Pumps are small, motorized pumps used with main fire pumps to compensate for minor leaks in the fire protection system and automatically maintain standby pressure. This reduces wear on the main pump and control unit caused by unnecessary, frequent starting. Jockey Pump controllers are available for starting along the line.

It is sometimes used in flanged or threaded pipe connections, valve stems, stuffing boxes, etc. in a Fire Pump system. water leakage may occur. This normal loss of water gradually lowers the system pressure until the main Fire pump is required to run. To minimize wear on the Fire Pump from unnecessary operation, a Jockey Pump is recommended for the system. In a Jockey Pump system, a small pump, motor, and Controller/pressure switch unit are attached to the piping system.

When the water pressure drops below the preset level, the pressure switch energizes a starter that drives the Jockey Pump. Therefore, the correct water pressure is always maintained. An optional minimum start timer will prevent the Jockey Pump from starting too often. This timer will keep it running for a minimum of 2 minutes. In the event of a fire, the pressure will continue to drop and the main Fire Pump will operate. Automatic controllers also include a "Hand-off Automatic" selector switch for manual operation


  • Flow range : up to 180 m³/h60 Hz. : up to 790 usgpm

  • Head range : up to 28 bar60 Hz. : up to 995 feet

  • Rating : 0.37 to 75 kW60 Hz. : 1/3-2 to 100 HP

  • Rated speed : 2900 rpm 60 Hz. : 3450rpm